See The Dangerous Things That Happens When You Hold Your Urine For too Long

Expert doctor has warned against holding back urine in the bladder, warning the habit can cause kidney damage.

The expert doctor said holding back urine for long could result in bladder infection or lead to bladder rupture, a serious health condition.
“Pass out urine as much as possible without any delay. Don’t be too busy to have time for urine. Delay of urine may later have lasting negative effect on the kidney.
“I attend to frequent cases of urinary tract infection. The disease has become common in the country and I want to urge the public to desist from the unhealthy act. “People should be visiting the nearest toilet to ease themselves at the right time,” Expert doctor said.
He listed the symptoms of kidney infections as headache, high fever, frequent urination and passing out of small amount of urine.
The expert advised Nigerians to always visit the toilet whenever they were pressed. Also advised that those experiencing any of the symptoms should visit a doctor.
Besides, he urged commercial drivers against haste and endeavour to give passengers chance to pee on time while travelling.
“A little delay of urine can cause severe and everlasting health challenges. Ministries of Health should orientate the public on this,” he said.

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