How Many Skincare Products Do You Actually Need?

Much like everything else in life, your perfect skincare regime involves a lot of trial and error, but experimentation with

different skin products can be costly and lead to further skin issues. With new skincare products constantly being released and developed, it’s more difficult now than ever to find out what skincare products you should actually be using to look after your skin.

From oils and double cleansing to SPFs and scrubs, knowing what works and what is just a marketing hype can be a bit daunting. You likely need fewer cosmetic and skincare products than you think, so just how many do you actually need?

The Skincare Basics


A good cleanser should be gentle, yet effective. Cleansers work to remove oil, dirt, pollution and suncream and can come in many different forms, such as foams, gels, creams and washes. But, a good cleanser will do the job it is meant to, rather than just strip the skin. A product which is often overlooked, cleanser should be your first product when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Double cleansing is actually not recommended as it may strip your skin of natural oils. Double-cleansing works by massaging an oil-based cleanser into your skin and, once it is removed, adding your usual cleanser. The aim is to remove buildup before using your regular cleanser, but a gentle, alcohol-free cleanser will do the trick just as well.


Moisturiser, whether it is a lotion, cream or gel, works by keeping moisture locked in and protecting skin from the elements. Moisturising used to be pretty simple, but since the introduction of oh so many moisturisers, a new layer of confusion has been added to the mix. Two types of moisturiser, ointment and cream, work better than others as they are less irritating than other types.

Suncreen with an SPF of 30 or more is one of the most important skincare products you can use. Whilst you may not like the feel of suncream, it is there to do one job, which is to protect your skin and suncream is actually one of the most effective anti-ageing products which you can buy. If you don’t like the feel of it on your skin or under makeup, then it is worth finding one which you like the feel of by trying and testing different brands.

Nice To Have’s

If you are invested in keeping your skin in tip-top shape, then there are likely to be some products which you think you should have, but generally, aren’t that important. Because the skin around your eyes is so soft and delicate, you want to be careful as to what kind of moisturiser you apply there, hence the use of eye creams. Your usual moisturiser is probably fine to use, but avoid ones which contain acids or tretinoin.

Certain cosmetic products, such as face glitter and mascara, some with special products to further protect your skin, such as adhesive glues or clear, protective products which you apply to your skin to protect it when using these cosmetics or to secure them in place. These help to prevent against skin dryness, abrasiveness and allergic reactions. If your cosmetics do come with these types of products, it is recommended that you use them and follow up with a good skincare regime and proper remova

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